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Area around Phoenix, Arizona and
Big Island Hawaii May 2017



  black crabs
Submarine adventure My beach where I was camping (first one)
  Tamarind tree
  Painted church
twisted tree Survival in harsh conditions
Green Sand Beach with Olevine Crysal!! Amazing, only four of those in the world!!  
steps down to green sand beach One hour walk to get there
black sand beach with turtles  
National plant in Hawaii  
With special lavaboat to where the lava flows into the sea, very exciting when the lava flows into the air! Could not capture it in a photo but see the flow of lava.  
Lava hole, walked through one of those..  
  Ice smoothie breakfast, did I really order this??
  Elephant leaves
  Eucalyptus tree, never seen one before, beautiful
Special spiritual place, hidden from tourists but a friend told me about and I managed to find it - on my birthday, was special up there, but very hot!!  
Rodeo Another camping ground with beach
  Noni fruit, Hawaii main supplier in the world
Pumela, garlands are made with this National flower
  Hawaiian dancing
Only seahorse farm in the world was pretending I am a coral..
common plans near roadsides  
Phoenix, Arizona, USA (4 days)
hole in the rock