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Clutter Clearing Service and Painting Service in your home


Clutter Clearing Service/Painting Service and how it can make you feel decluttered and fresh inside again

When I work on clients in a session, they often find themselves clearing the clutter in their house, garden, messy corners, completing unfinished projects and jobs and catching up on the things they were putting off.

The body has been cleared in the session and now the house/body has to catch up. It is only natural that the outside has to match. Clients feel that clutter clearing can be done with ease after clearing the body, almost on automatic pilot. This is because emotional pain, traumas etc. are leaving and is one way of doing it....

The other way is actually clearing the house directly - physically clearing, painting, etc. This is where I can come in and help you. This hands-on clearing has also a strong knock on effect on your internal clearing of emotions and feelings and uplifts you on all levels, including your physical well being.

After clearing their home people find themselves with a sense of hope, freedom, feeling of new beginnings, belief, confidence that things can change and relief.

Painting the room, repairing cracks, carpet cleaning is most useful in clearing old energies. All unwanted or broken objects must go. Anything that holds a negative memory must go!

Incense sticks, sage and candles can be used to bring a lovely sacred feel to a place, as well as crystals that can greatly enhance the energy / vibration of a space. You will feel a direct impact on how you feel within your body with whatever improvement you make, however small.

Ideally you need to have everything accessible and know what is in each storage space, if necessary putting labels on boxes and drawers. I have done clearing, cleaning, painting, repair jobs with people, painting cupboards, walls. I've always found people enjoy participating and being facilitated in regaining valuable living space - extra space - they did not have before.

Once, I just painted the bathroom in yellow for a lady and after that her tiredness in the morning which lasted for the rest of the day completely vanished and she managed to enthusiastically transform her whole flat herself!! I just went in one more time to repair some cracks in the ceiling and she proudly showed me how she had painted all her kitchen cupboards in silver! Having done all this, her landlord totally unexpectedly replaced her kitchen with a brand new one!

Sometimes people are emotionally stuck, still having items of ex-husbands or deceased parents in their space (the latter may even be still in boxes). They just cannot touch the pile of things. When things do move they often cry but feel liberated at the same time. In one case I did a little healing on a lady during the clutter clearing to help her along.

Things that are worth hanging onto can be re-organized in a beautiful, accessible and useful way. If need be I can get cupboards with you (I have a car) from second hand stores (there is a really good one in Ealing) or Ikea, etc.

Make it a project - to lighten your home - that can be enjoyable to improve with love and and purpose. Add colour and scents. Really do consider re-painting a room. It takes away old energies very quickly and makes you feel very refreshed inside.

I will also take as much clutter as I can fit in my car to take it to the dump free of charge for you.

  My rates are as follows: £30/hour - minimum working hour is three. This may include
  driving to the dump with you.

  Depending on where you live, I charge for the time driving to you (£30/hour) but not
  my return.

  I will also take picture for my website - before and after and need some comments on   how the process went for you and how you feel afterwards - website comments which
  will be entered only with your first name plus photographs that I will use for the
  website before and after.

  Once you start the process, we will assist you for 2 months to clear all of it. So call us
   if you have some money to back up the clearing sessions to come, too.

   I decided on this time span because you will feel best if all is done and it's unlikely
   for you to revert  back to the clutter.

  Please email Sandra on info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

  or phone Sandra on 020 85797230.

Comments from Linda after first 3 hour clutter clearing session (whole hallway and putting things a bit more in order in study): We cleared about 5 boxes of paperwork and had lots of stuff for charity. I removed all stuff with my car:

"When my daughter got home as soon as she saw the hallway she noticed it looked better and when she went upstairs I could hear "Oh wow, you've done well."
Although there is still tons to do, as you saw, I feel very good about the space we cleared. Thank you so much for your help it does feel a lot better. I will continue the good work. Thank for your help it does feel better to have that space." Linda X

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Info on 10-week Feng Shui course and register your interest in course

Clutter Clearing Service and Painting Service in your home