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Three-door Gate of Chi Bagua
(feng shui map to locate corner and meaning), also called quantum bagua

Three-door gate of chi bagua is a modern reflection on how empowered we’ve become.

Three-door gate of chi was proposed by Professor Lin Yun of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui in the US in the mid-eighties. Professor Thomas Lin-Yun took into account that we (with our energies, thoughts, perceptions and values) have the greatest impact on our lives and environment.

Three-door gate of chi bagua affirms that it is our energies entering into our spaces that create energetic patterns.

It’s an evolutionary shift from the less empowering perspective where the outside influence is greater than our inner influence/power.

Winston Churchill got it right by saying “WE shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Not the other way round!!!

So the greatest influence and impact comes from us first. Then people around us have the second most important influence. And then thirdly, our environment or if you like feng shui affect us.

So the order of the magnitude of impact and influence is: us, others, and then feng shui.

“I understand that it (feng shui) works whether you believe in it or not.” Niels Bohr, Danish quantum physicist, Nobel Prize winner in Physics. Different areas of your home or workplace will reflect different aspects of your life.

According to three-door gate of chi bagua the placement of these areas depends on the position of the door. For example, the wealth corner of your home or workplace will be the furthest area on the left from the door (see bagua map below).


AIMS of the 10-week Feng Shui course/weekly 2 hour class:

- Enabling students to create magic in their everyday life with feng shui.

- Self-development using self-help techniques and feng shui.

- Gain more awareness of the energy in their environment and to make positive changes.

- Enable students to identify problem areas and to apply cures in those areas

- Learn about the name of each feng shui corner and the cures for each corner.

- Inspire students to clear clutter in their homes.

- Help clearing and healing within themselves, using techniques and colours.

- Helping them to adopt a positive attitude.

- Helping them to get into an action mode to deal with things.

- To provide a relaxed, supportive, inspired and happy learning environment

The below
course outline may still slightly change

There are 2 blocks of 5 weeks each.

£75 for block of 5
lessons of 2 hours each.

Block of lessons 1 - 5: Wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm
4, 22, 18, 25 March and 1 April 2020

Block of lessons 6 - 10: Wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm
8,15, 22, 29 April, 6th May 2020

This 10-week course "BasicFeng Shui and More" mayalso be interesting for people with a lot of knowledge of Feng Shui as energy aspects will be discussed that they may not be familiar with.

Session 1
- Introduction to Feng Shui and the energy of it.
- "Clutter" including the importance of clearing it, where it can be found, what the energy
   of clutter feels like and what affect it may have on you and your home.

Session 2
- Clearing clutter including what hinders you to do so, strategies to clear clutter, how you
   stop accumulating clutter in the future
- Space Clearing with tools

Session 3
- Introduction to Feng Shui "Bagua" (see below) including missing corners, projection and
- "Relationship" and " Contemplation" corner
- Rooms and colours, colour healing

Session 4
- Colours red, yellow, blue, green ,orange, violet and what they are associated with
- Bedrooms (location of beds)

- Workplaces (location of desks) taking into consideration position of doors,
  windows and mirrows
- Mirrors in general

Session 5
- Location/shapes of houses
- Front doors, entrances, stairs, garden
- Bedrooms (furniture, lightening)
- Suitable colours for bedrooms and other rooms
- Colours and what they are associated with: magenta, gold, white, grey, black, indigo,

Session 6
- "Fortunate Blessing" and "Helpful Friends" corner in bagua
- Housenumbers including how to find out the number of your house and what qualities
  or challenges are associated with that number

Session 7
- "Elders" and "Creativity" corners in bagua
- Foods: Acid/Alcaline balance

Session 8
- 9 Cures to uplift energy of home
- Concept of blessing a situation, lesson, people
- Ways to cleanse and protect your own energy field
- Disturbing energies and how to clear and harmonize them
- Cotton Wool Ball-Exercise

Session 9
- "Illumination" and "Journey" corner
- Partnerships and energy
- Colour healing with fruit and vegetables (orange, red)

Session 10
- "Tai Chi " corner in bagua
- Colour healing with fruit and vegetables (yellow, green and white).
- Qualites/attributes of silver, grey, turquoise, black and indigo)

  "Put Feng Shui into your life. Don’t put your life into Feng Shui.”

  To sum up – you have choice

  It’s all about choice. If you want to follow a traditional feng shui then   choose the compass bagua. If you want to empower your life and take   control of your environment choose three-door gate of chi bagua or   virtual / quantum bagua.

  FENG SHUI BAGUA (three-door gate) 

Fortunate  Blessings
 (Wealth, abundance)




(Family, mentors)

Tai Chi

(Offspring, projects)

(Inner knowledge)

(career,  life path)

Helpful Friends
(travel, cash flow)


Mainpage | Student commentsAbout Sandra
Info on 10-week Feng Shui course and register your interest in course

Clutter Clearing Service and Painting Service in your home