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What is facial reflexology?
Facial reflexology is a holistic therapy that combines the wisdom of ancient medical and healing traditions with a modern understanding of neuro-anatomy to assess and treat the underlying causes of health imbalances that can manifest as physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

How does it work?
Your face is an external projection of the state of your health. Just as foot reflexology works on the basis that the whole body is mirrored in the feet, facial reflexology uses detailed charts that show the correspondences of specific points and zones on the face to different parts of the body.

The precise stimulation of these points and zones sends impulses through the body's central nervous system and meridians (energy channels) to the major organs and physical body. This results in increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and hormonal balance.

An important part of the treatment is to identify and treat the blockages and irregularities within the body systems that often lie at the root of any physical discomfort or health problem. These are felt as deposits of varying degrees within the tissue.

Facial reflexology is believed to encourage the body to respond more rapidly than other forms of reflexology because it works in such close proximity to the brain and central nervous system.

In common with other complementary health therapies, facial reflexology can induce a deep state of relaxation, relieving stress and fatigue, and triggering the body's natural self-healing abilities.

What are its origins?
The type of facial reflexology presented here has been developed over the last 26 years by Lone Sorensen Lopez, a complementary health therapist of Danish/ Argentinian parentage.

Lone started her training as a reflexologist in Denmark in 1978 and went on to train in acupuncture and laser therapy. Her interest in facial reflexology grew out of her success in using facial acupressure points with children with hyperactivity and learning difficulties.

Her unique methodology combines techniques drawn from Traditional Chinese Medicine, South American facial zone therapy, Vietnamese facial reflexology and neuro-anatomy, the result of extensive research and trials carried out in several countries and in conjunction with other specialists, including medical doctors.

She has received three honorary awards for her pioneering work, which has been used to treat patients with neurological conditions, including children and adults with brain damage.

She currently trains therapists all over the world while continuing to develop the therapy.

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