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       •  What does a treatment involve?

Before receiving your first treatment you will be asked about your medical history, diet and lifestyle. This confidential consultation will allow the therapist to understand all the factors that may be affecting your overall well-being and your main purpose for receiving the treatment.

You will be asked to lie fully clothed on a treatment couch to receive the treatment.
Using only the hands and a natural oil or cream, specific points and zones on your face will be stimulated.

      •  How long does a treatment last?

The initial treatment will take up to 90 minutes to allow for the consultation. Each session thereafter will typically last an hour, including time to assess progress.

      •  How will I feel after a treatment?

Many people describe facial reflexology as one of the most relaxing and revitalizing treatments they've ever experienced with the added bonus of a glowing complexion! However, it is also normal for individuals to experience tiredness, a worsening of symptoms or an increase in the body's eliminatory processes (such as stronger smelling urine or bulkier stools). These reactions are temporary and an indication that the body is responding to the treatment.

    •  How many treatments will I need and
       how often?

This will vary from person to person and the condition being treated. The treatment plan will be discussed during the initial consultation.

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