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                           MAR, ITEC (Dip)

Junko explains Facial Reflexology:

"Your face is amazing. In the small area that it occupies it contains the features that define your identity and all five sense organs that enable your interaction with the world. It externally projects the state of your whole being - mind, body and spirit - and equally serves as a gateway through which trained hands can treat it to promote health and healing.

Just as foot reflexology works on the basis that the whole body is mirrored in the feet, facial reflexology uses detailed charts that show the correspondences of specific points and zones on the face to different parts of the body.

The precise stimulation of these points and zones sends impulses through the body's central nervous system and meridians (energy channels) to the major organs and physical body, encouraging good blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and hormonal balance.

Facial reflexology combines the wisdom of ancient medical and healing traditions with a modern understanding of neuro-anatomy to assess and treat the underlying causes of health imbalances that can manifest as physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

As an additional benefit, the treatment stimulates the facial nerves, muscles and tissues, releasing held tension, encouraging better skin and muscle tone, improving complexion and helping to reduce wrinkles.
Facial reflexology is suitable for people of all ages and conditions."
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