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raining: The EMF Balancing Technique® Personal Growth Training (7 days) 

raining: The Lattice Experience Workshop (2 days)

Becoming a practitioner Phases I-IV:
Accredited Internship/Incremental Phases

Description of the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL) that surrounds us

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Each Phase below is offered at £65 and lasts approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

In Phases IX-XII, you will gain a deeper understanding of your Core Energy as the ultimate expression of your self, your “Infinite I”. Let’s look at the evolutionary path that led to the formation of these new phases, followed by a brief description of each.

Evolutionary Foundations
In Phases I-IV, you learned about the Universal Calibration Lattice. In Phase I, your energy calibrated to balance your wisdom and your emotions. In Phase II, your energy calibrated to integrate the wisdom of your history. In Phase III you focused upon your Core Energy and being present in now time. In Phase IV, you gave conscious intent as you calibrated your potential.

Master in Practice
In Phases V-VIII, you made conscious choices to practice the noble attributes of mastery in your daily life. Those choices created new energy patterns that continue to support you in your evolution.

Freedom! In The Energy of Love
In Phases IX-XII, you will further develop your ability to use the Third Lattice to manifest the energy of freedom within your being and your life. The dynamics of fission and fusion are used repeatedly to create a unique and powerful energy of evolution....(see below)

Phase IX -The Universal Human
You will focus on manifesting and managing your energy through the Third Lattice. What are you ready to achieve now?

As a Universal Human (co-creator of your own reality in partnership with the Universe), in Phaes IX - XII (9-12) you will take on an even greater responsibility to create the energy of wholeness in your life! You are responsible for your thoughts, words, emotions and behaviour and this session will help you to tranform negativity into love - Freedom in the Energy of love! - That's the goal of this set of Phases. Clearing the old closet out - what you don't need for your evolution may be gracefully transformed and calibrated.

You are managing your evolution and managing your energy!

Template of the Universal Human for Phase IX:

The Phase IX template of the Universal Human: located in the area at the back of the neck roughly, ca. 30 cm diagmenter, described by Peggy like a white placenta (not an octahedron).

The session is performed with co-creator (client) sitting in a chair, following the practitioners instructions for visionalisations and to use certain hand positions (mudras) during the session for calibration and activation and for the reality shift.

Prior to the guided session, a video describing the Phase is shown for the client to already connect with the energy of the work that they are about to receive.

We will work with the "Third Lattice". You may imagine the 3rd lattice as the energy between your lattice and a lattice of someone else. The third lattice contains the energy both parties bring into this relationship/emotions that each partly generates. We will identify the energy that the client brings into this relationship on a worksheet.

There can also be third Lattices between the client and
- a group of people (family, religious groups, todlers, etc.)
- material things
- an issue (overweight, work, being a mother, etc.)
- a pet
- a goal
- a house, car, etc.

Lattice upon lattices - a universal filing system!

So let's clear the closet...this is how:

The 3rd lattice holds the energy that one or both parties generate between each other (or generate in this relationship). We will identify this energy for each lattice on a worksheet. There is a main 3rd lattice we will work with but working on it will calibrate all the lattices you chose to work with. The practitioner will guide you in filling out your sheet but if you wish to keep the context confidential that is absolutely fine. We will calibrate and fill the 3rd lattice with golden energy.

If you want to connect back to this transformed 3rd lattice after the session you may use a hand mudra which the practitioner will show you. It will continue to strengthen your conscious commitment to the change within the third lattice and the template of the Universal Human. You may even evolve this 3rd lattice further by adding words to your worksheet over time.Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Extra comments:

Even when we remain silent, the language of energy is constantly spoken - energy charges are constrantly transmitted to others and to the Universe. Working on these energy charges will help you co-create your own reality!

The 3rd lattice links your consciousness to all other aspects of your life.

The 3rd lattice is a contruct generated from the consciousness of your mind and your heart - like a container for energetic charges. Housekeeping with working with the 3rd lattice is meaningful, you are consciously making your home a spcial place, a sacred expression of who you are!

You are a timeless being in a reality bouned by time. All abstract concepts are generated in the 3rd lattice.

Phase X - The Universal Parent
Fuse the energies of your 'Infinite I' and become your own universal parent. This is a profound gift of wholeness/holiness for all generations.

Templates corresponding to 'The Universal Parent':
first eight templates (platinum octahedrons) from the CB to feet, in your core.

Sessions will be given in the same format as Phase IX (9)(see above) but this time you are creating a new lattice without any existing energy charges for the Universal Parent (male and female part).

You will view the video showing the templates for Phases 10 - 12 (all in one video) to connect with the energy. You will fill out a 3rd lattice worksheet again.

On your worksheet you will note the dynamics of parenting for mother and father separately. How would you mother or father yourself? The attribute of mother and father you want to practice for youself in parenting your Individual I. Attributes that make you smile will go into this 3rd lattice.

If negativity comes up while filling out the 3rd lattice (old parent issues coming to mind, etc.), we can use this as another 3rd lattice around the main lattice and we will also automatically calibrate these lattices when working with the newly created lattice.

During the sessions the aspects of father and mother will merge as one!

Extra info:

Just as parents raise a child with attention and nurturing, the raising of our consciousness also requires attention and nurturing. Activating and integrating the resonance of the Universal Parents - 8 octahedrons (between CB to Feet) in your very core - in your being allows the opportunity to address facets or fill in the missing facets (aspecs that were perhaps not provided by your parents) of your inner child with the appropriate amount of attention and nurturing required.

The union of the mother and the father within generates SECURITY AND PEACE. Your Universal Parent's of your Infinite I offer their guidance in the energy of Infinite Love.

The energy of the Earth is changing and in this change you, the Universal Human, are being asked to take greater Universal responsibility for yourself and for the Earth.

Phase XI - The Universal Partner
Remember the guidance to “Love one another as you love yourselves.” The energy of pure union generated within your Core (Infinite I) and calibrated through your Lattice (Individual I) produces the consciousness of newly found self love.

Conducted as previous sessions

The eleven platinum templates/octahedrons:
They are within the core of your being (between your feet and your top of the head) and correlate to your physical body.

You will put on your worksheet aspects of your own Universal Male and your own Universal Female (Universal Partner(s)/Beloved. Which attributes do you wish to strengthen for yoru male and female within?

Which state of consciousness would you give to your self as your own beloved male and female? They serve as achetypes to the role of creating sacred union with these powerful energies within.

The depths of your outer intimate relationships may evolve as you generate the new energies of sacred uncion within yourself!

Your inner wholeness will have an effect on your outer relationships. Through the third lattice your relationship with your Universal Partner will cultivate and refine your ability to love yourself and others.

Just as an outer partnership can thrive in a loving or supportive union, your inner partnership can also evolve with attention and nurturing. Activating and integrating the resonance of your Universal Partner within your being allows the opportunity to add new facets or fill in your missing facets of your inner female or male with the appropriate amount of attention and nuturing.

The union of the female and the male within generates JOY, SECURITY, and PEACE.Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Extra Info:

Loving yourself and others when one is perceived as lovable is an opportunity to love in one way. Loving when one is perceived as not being lovable is another opportunity to love.

There is an infinite range of opportunities and challenges to love yourself and others and it is always YOUR choice to love according to your inner wisdom. To express the energy of love in the various partnerships of this reality is a life long commitment.

Phase XII - The Emerging Evolutionary
The New Human living within the energetic transformation of the New Earth! With this profound new expression of self, you will know you have transformed, and you will be equipped with new tools to manage your evolution.

In Phase VII as you begin to live as an Emerging Evolutionary you will manifest the unique Energy pattern of your Universal Oneness.

Five platinum Templates/octahedrons: between your crown and your Centre Above within your core.

In the 3rd lattice that you co-create that holds no energy charges, only aspects that make you smile..

You choose the dynamics of evolution that you would like to develop and work with in your life.
- as an Individual I (to do with you individually) and

- as your Infinite I (in relationship with your Higher Self)

Emerging Evolutionary! Are you ready to live a life of enlightened inspiration?

Are you ready to channel more of who you are?
Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

Extra Info:

Within this third lattice the Emerging Evolutionary generates charges that amplify your awareness and enjoyment of the smallest details and increase your understanding that being alive HERE AND NOW is an experience that is profoundly sacred.

You are an Emerging Evolutionary and you are ready to manifest a life of greater wholeness!

Celebrate your increasing ability to co-create your most enlightened life.


Phase IX
"Was totally aware this time. Very good to focus on right leg, then the left…helped. Was very present and that was great (she had problems staying awake with Phase XIII). I heard the word "responsibility" consciously at least four times. Very expansive, peaceful and liked to visualise the whole lattice. To be aware of the 3rd lattice is great and the energy it contains. I feel really positive, hysterical in a slightly overconfident (empowered) way. I need to settle into the responsibility of it.
When she came back for Phase X she commented: Since Phase IX: "Teamwork" is stuck in my head. Team responsibility, important to play a team game, support the team, being able to be whatever the team needs in order to function. It's about appreciating other people in the team - work in progress for me!" Joanne

Phase IX
Felt this session was working in a very cosmic sense/different. Felt everything around me is my lattice, all is one. Work inside and outside- representations. All is connected. Gave me a sense of control when I visualized the body prep consciously. I felt something when template was activated: Insight on how connected heart centre and 3rd eye is. Circle between 3rd eye and heart energy - represents connection with other beings. Reopened and cleared connection between 3rd eye, heart and wholeness within this connection. Oneness with the whole Universe it contains. I feel great now. My psychic abilities have just now been increased!

When she came back for the next session she commented on effects after Phase IX: A lot of insight, helped me through a difficult time, understanding, better at letting go since. Sharp pain in right ear after session. Now she has pain there only every 2 - 3 days (this only happened also after a Reiki attunement course). Peace inside of me and a belief in the bigger picture. My consciousness has expanded like I felt it from Phase V onwards as well, now I feel this shift again after Phase IX. Emilia

Phase IX
Very powerful. I am still spaced out but very good!
About a week later when she came for her next session she commented: A lot of clearing is happening all at once.

Phase IX
Very strong, very powerful, process very helpful, focus on you creating for yourself. Before the session I felt helpless - I feel this feeling is going now. I feel more supportive and I love the word wholesome and this is where I want to be.

When she came for her next session she commented: Released a lot of energy around my mum, patterns - huge process of transformation, had a sty in my eye last week (part of release she guess's). Relationship with her boyfriend has improved. I am receiving more from him. Level has woken me up to what I create for myself, how I feel when I transform it in a positive way. Positive people are coming into my life. Isabelle

Phase IX
Very strong feeling of prisms around me. "'I've been thinking about it lately a lot - about issue of money and daughter. A shift is needed. Trying to hold back shift but now I want balance. I feel this will help our relationship. 3rd eye was aching. I feel very energized now! I am very hot!
Her comments six days after session: I love the worksheet (TLC chart) and the concept of the 3rd lattice. I had a lot of very strong, intense energy around my head. I felt a blockage on the throat all week which I've never felt before. It still comes and goes. Intense energy around the head is gone now.

Phase IX
That was good, see what happens after this. My mind was racing as it was about WORK, got over that - felt the energy more then. I lost a bit the universal human and this is bringing me back to this I feel. I feel re-encouraged that I can handle my life and co-create! Looking forward to going back to life now… Andrea

Phase IX

Really lovely, nice, feel so much better. Really enjoyable, like light switch came on - starting to get a feeling of wholeness. Importance on feeling whole, felt a magnetic vortex in my 3rd eye. Deep sense of relaxation. Could feel energy adjustments being made."
One week after phase 9 she comments: Felt an energy shift into a more serious energy, a 'get down to business' feeling. Elisabeth

Phase X
Positively surprised about how much else came up to put on the TLC worksheet during Phase. I felt very happy. I feel joy. Gong music Sandra played also helped. I consciously let the Universe know that I made another step of consciousness and the gong music that was played helped I felt to transmit that message. Very much at peace and balanced. Everything I wished for. Emilia

Phase X
The session was beautiful - I can feel support, nurturing and love in my heart centre, all around protection, feels like I am giving myself a hug. It's lovely. I feel well looked after. I've never felt so good! I've never felt so good when I was high and out of body - now I feel high but I am in my body! I feel very grounded, I feel strong." W.

Phase X
Very deep experience. Saw my parents united holding me as a baby. I feel very good.
When she came back for her next sessio
n she said: I felt lots of energy in and around my hands and feet after Phase X. Fatima

Phase X
The session was beautiful - I can feel support, nurturning and love in my heart centre, an all around protection, feels like I am giving myself a hug. It's lovely. I feel well looked after. I've never felt so good! I've never felt so good when I was high and out of body - now feel high but I am in my body! I feel very grounded, I feel strong. Wendy

Phase X
I feel very spaced out. (She lay down for 30 minutes but after that she still felt very spaced out, twitching inside also. She feels it's that strong because she wants to become a mother herself right now (trying very had to get pregnant for a while).
When she returned for her next session she commented: Since the session I feel quite balance,d determined, happy in myself. All good! Joanne

Phase X
Kept seeing hands of light everywhere. I was going very deep. I am feeling very good now. Isabelle
When Isabelle came for her next Phase, she reported following changes:
“It opened up a lot for me. Was able to bring in more aspects of myself in a harmonious way. I felt more supported through this. The feeling of being dominated was resolved very quickly in a situations. Things have been coming up but solutions also. I used to feel quite drained in my High Heart Centre and that is totally gone. I feel definitely  energetically stronger. I like using the postures at home. I love the concept of wholeness.” Isabelle

Phase X
"Deep meditational other worldly state. During High Heart Alignment I felt parental nurtuing of mother and father energy. All the work is connecting together. Felt envelopped in a lovely soft, light, warm and very nurturing energy."
One week after Phase 10 she comments: "Coping much better with remarks and attacks - much more resilient. Good padding with templates below my feet - the perfect parents." Elisabeth

Phase XI
Quite good, a lot of energy is coming in!
When she came back for her next session she said: I felt very good. I felt again lots of energy in and around my hands.

Phase XI
Very strong sense of energy around me, the lattice. Two words come up - be aware and beware.
When she came back for her next session, she commented: Extremely relaxing, concerning a big issue of letting go - I feel more empowered to do it (haven't done it yet). Pauline

Phase XI
I feel pretty tired. I couldn't feel much. It is pretty calm throughout. Strong visions, a real dreamstate, very diverting.

Phase XI
”It feels very uplifting. I felt more, I wanted to embrace it, felt the energy coming up from the Earth and the Earth Energy. Imagine myself loving myself, first separate (male and female), which then re-united. I felt a lot more grounded, felt a could hold the energy much better. I felt a lot of peace. Loving home feeling.” Isabelle

Phase XI
”Heavy duty, very deep work. Energy even started to move when I sat in the chair. Rings of energy - most powerful in this session compared to other Phases. Energy shifting, feeling of needing to be quiet, go into hibernation. Heaviness and slight achiness. One week after Phase 11 she comments: Deep sadness and feeling powerless and losing hope, questioning, shattered." (my comment as a practitioner is that this old pattern has come up to be shifted with today's Phase which than happened - see her comments Phase 12). Elisabeth

Phase XII
"Feeling of completion. Blank sheet almost, more clarity and purpose. Being a new born, like just being born. Lovely, warm and nurtuing feeling. Effective work." Elisabeth

Phase XII
Very good (she was a bit lost for words). When she spoke again, she said she felt pain at the back of her neck (I explained that this is where the template for the Universal Human is), she said she felt tired and needed to rest in the evening. Fatima

Phase XII
Feet, hands and head are sparkley.Very strong sparks of energy! I feel a bit spacey, apart from this, I feel good.

Phase XIII

I feel good, I went very high and deep at the same time.
I saw a lot of animals passing in front of me: ducks, eagles and dragons. Fatima

Phase of Session XIII
Felt a lot stronger than the Reiki energy. Felt shivery and achy, hot and cold at the same time.
I felt the energy flow even before we sat down and the energy increased 10fold. Couldn't feel the ground, suspended, not even on the chair - very briefly I felt this. Feel very heavy now and want to lie down. Ritu

Sessions, called Phases:   Phase I   Phase II   Phase III   Phase IV   
Phases V - VIII   Phases IX - XII   Phase XIII

raining: The EMF Balancing Technique® Personal Growth Training (7 days) 

raining: The Lattice Experience Workshop (2 days)

Becoming a practitioner Phases I-IV:
Accredited Internship/Incremental Phases

Description of the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL) that surrounds us

Photo Gallery of Training
Sandra's EMF Profile

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