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Explanation Ascension/our evolution


Sandra Ditta Herrmann

more Ascension therapies..

On my quest to perfect my set of tools to be more and more effective as a healer and to heal myself, creating major changes for clients within the shortest space of time (understanding perfectly their energy needs), I came across other healing modalities or should I say was led to them. These work mainly on unconscious patterns that I could not previously access.

- SRT Spiritual Response Therapy
- Lightbody Energy Integration
- EIP Eliminating Interference Patterns
- VortexHealing®
- Lightarian™ Reiki and
- Lightarian AngelLinks™

I must add at this point that most of my previous modalities like Health Kinesiology, The EMF Balancing Technique®, Usui and Karuna Reiki® are also extremely effective and valuable tools on all levels and deal with most concerns very well.

I was led to SRT because I felt an energy attached to me/around me that I could not shake off. Although it did not make me very uncomfortable nor was it making me emotional, anyhow I was determined to find a way to clear myself of this subtle energy disturbance. The SRT helped me with this.
I now use the SRT from time to time when I feel the need. It's an aspect of healing work (clearing Akashic Records - soul records) that is quite unique and powerful. I guess anyone could benefit from a few sessions, at least to clear out discordant energies on those levels that other therapies cannot get to.

The VortexHealing® energy is also very dear to me. At the time, I needed a therapy that would lighten up intense energy sessions to make it more comfortable for my clients. When I started to use this energy, it worked very well and helped on an easy flow to shift intensity in sessions; it also worked incredibly well on damaged tissues (restoring the vital web in the area of the body).
I only use it when necessary. However, the VortexHealing® training offers so much more tools that I might explore one day out of interest in the magic of it - the Merlin energy that it is.

Lightarian™Reiki is a modality that was recommended to me. It's only for Reiki masters, ideally people who have already done the Karuna Reiki® training.
It's very powerful to receive the attunements (self-study with a manual and usually distant attunements) to raise your vibration and moving you towards ascension. At this level one wants to live your truth all the time (anything else feels unhealthy and will be shifted out of your life by raising the vibration).

The EIP - Energy Interference Pattening I really needed when I could not shift a flat feeling in my body energetically, especially heart chakra.
The EIP pumped up this flat feeling, it had an instant effect, restoring the feeling of love, well-being and giving a sense of abundance.

The Lightbody Energy Integration helped me when my body ached, I felt stiff all over, tense and just overloaded. I was spiritually and emotionally ready to let a lot more light enter my body but I felt blocked within my physical body. This work helps you to comfortably allow more light into your body by removing devices, etheric crystals, etc. that stop you from functioning more multi-dimensionally (clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic abilities, etc.). The work is extremely powerful and I would choose only to perform this on people that are stable energetically, emotionally and mentally and ideally are energy workers/healers themselves, trained in some sort of practice as this work can trigger powerful releases.

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Explanation Ascension/our evolution