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Explanation Ascension/our evolution


        Sandra Ditta Herrmann


EIP - Eliminating Interference Patterns

…the cutting edge of Energy Medicine for a new paradigm for the future of alternative healing.

This technique takes third dimensional energies and move them into the 4th and 5th dimensional energy for transformation and possibly instant results. They are the foremost healing techniques in the Energetic Healing World.

How does it work?
Our bodies communication system have been broken down due to feelings from limiting beliefs. There is a vibrational interference pattern attached to each limiting belief, causing negative, low vibrational emotions, which affect and distort your DNA. Through the EIP technique, you will discover where the blocked energy is stored in the Physical Body, as well as the Subtle Bodies, and how to release that energy. This technique is about reconnecting with your power to change the stories written in your genes.

The EIP technique has developed one of the most thorough and extensive lists of belief patterns and category's in energetic healing.

Most of your manifestation and creations come from your unconscious. In this technique, you will learn how to bring into this dimension what was created in the unconscious dimension. You will take your expansive creations forward while releasing the blocks, struggles and suffering that were created in that unconscious dimension, freeing you to fulfil your desired destiny.

The EIP technique shows you how the vibration from the belief is moved out of 3rd dimensional energy into 4th dimensional energy for neutralization, and into 5th dimensional energy for healing.

The EIP technique creates the atmosphere for love and through the process itself it shows you how to move your energy into the healing state of love quickly and easily to create a healing zone where transformation can take place. Learn how to heal with the power of love, feelings, visualization and intention.

The energy of the belief is stored as memory in the DNA of our heart space. Learn how to direct your intention to neutralize all energy back to its perfect state of love. Within the heart is the sacred heart wherein lives the smallest of all particles call the adamantine particle. This particles can take anything back to its original source, which is the vibration of love. Limiting beliefs and emotions are brought deep within the heart space to the sacred heart and the energy is neutralized with forgiveness and gratitude, and a change of heart occurs. Once there has been a change of heart the genetic code is restored to the new expansive reality of wellness and abundance.

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Explanation Ascension/our evolution