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Explanation Ascension/our evolution

Biology - The Evolution of Humanity
( extracts from Steve Rother's article - www.lightworker.com)

What is happening to us one might wonder?

Steve explains it as follows:

As the body adjusts to the higher vibratory conditions it begins changing to accommodate the new environment.

Some of these other changes can cause alarm if one is not forewarned. Most common are sleep changes and waking in the night, heart palpitation, shaking or episodes of vibrating, temporary, irregular heart beat, short-term memory loss, hot flashes not attibutable to menopause, early monopause, shortness of breath, etc.

This has to do with
movement of the magnetic grid lines as the Earth procees with her advancements. These movements are needed to support the higher biology to which
you are evolving.

The symptoms of vibrational advancement will open the door for many areas of vibrational healing to take hold in the consciousness . Vibrational healing will emerge and help to balance these symptoms.

Let us now validate that there is a vibrational signature to each ailment or disease that can be held within biology. Introducing a harmonic vibration can eradicate the disease because it is not possible for two vibrations to occupy the same time and space.

Let us now tell you of a few of the wondrous things that await you. Your biology was designed to last for hundreds of your years. With the reconnecting of the DNA RNA this aging process, as you know it, will all but cease. It will be commonplace for you to experience lives of 300 to 400 years. The human biology is fully capable, even today, of complete rejuvenation. This will be realized as humanity moves into this next stage of evolution. Through modalities not yet supported on the gameboard you will soon find ways of slowing human aging. This has already begun and will be the next area of major breakthrough.

What you have called channelling will no longer have the mysticism associated with it and will be commonplace. New words will surface to label this natural process of communication.

By centering your own energy, it will be possible to experience full connection to all things without losing yourself in the experience.

Eventually you will need only brief rest periods to rejuvenate your energy. This will come not only from advanced biology but also from learning to run energy instead of converting it to heat.

More info....

You may also read the Kryon books, positive channelled material from Kryon (an energy of service to our planet), on the evolution of us and Planet Earth!
Kryon books are available on Amazon.com or check out the Kryon website www.kryon.com

or generally find info on the internet under ASCENSION.

Definition of Ascension:
Ascension can mean many things to many people.
To us, personal ascension is the transformation of one's life into an experience of an expanded awareness, enhanced perception and knowing of the divinity within.

It is a process of personal inner development, the raising of one's personal vibration: the attainment of enlightenment and higher consciousness. It is the reduction of layers of energies between our lower incarnational selves and our Higher Self energies.

It is the reunion of body, mind and spirit, cleansing and raising the body temple and mind to such a degree that they can be reunited with spirit (Higher Self). (extracts from the Lightarian™ Reiki manual)

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Explanation Ascension/our evolution