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               Divine Healing Master Key to Ascension
                            Sandra Ditta Herrmann

- Helps to release layers of separation,
  blocks/stuck feelings so you can
  be more of who you are.

- To live more your potential with
  grace and ease.

- To get to the root cause of issues and help
  them heal

- Self-empowerment

- Reconnection to Spirit!


This is truly an amazing way to heal with Quantum Technology and it's all about empowerment and reconnection to Spirit!

There are many ways to address issues and heal, this is another one, for most people a release with a feel good effect - and very insightful what comes up usually. Most if not all clients leave with a feeling of well-being and wholeness.

We will research and clear/or apply healing with the Higher Self by command codes.

Please see client comments (link above) to read what the feedback is on the Divine Healing Master Key.

We will use Support lists, Integration charts, interference charts:
Higher Self is clearing, applying, encoding from the following list...

Level 1 Manual charts, all about "EMPOWERMENT":

Bach and Bailey Flower Essences
Chakra Functions
Emotions and States
Fears and Phobias
God Consciousness
Hidden Subconscious Ego Agendas
Interferences and Blocks from Outside Influences
Judgements and Beliefs
Key Psychological Conflicts
Life Stresses
Main Low Frequency Programmes
Nutrition, Past Life Deaths
Qi Energy in the Subtle Bodies
Releasing Blocks to Positive Living
Universal Archetypes
Vaccines and Toxins
Creative Power Healing Symbol
                  Yin & Yan Polarity Balancing, etc.

Level 2 Manual charts, all about "HEALING THE DIVINE TEMPLE" - YOUR BODY!
With level 2 I have been assigned a Healing Team I work with. The below also works on relationships and clear your space/house!

Attitudes and Behaviours
Brain Function
Dental Clearing and Balancing
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
Genetically Encoded Programmes
Hormones and Glands
Interference - Internal Programmes
Judgements Male and Female
Keys to Clearing the Matrix
Light Activation of DNA
Nutrition in Depth
Optimise Meridian Flows
Pathogens & Micro-organisms
Quick Recovery from Surgical Procedures
Residences, Buildings and Properties
Shock and Trauma Release

Tissue Salts
Undoing Addiction Programmes

Vertebral Clearing & Balancing
Widing your Vision (eyes)
You can free yourself from Past Life programmes
Creative Power Healing Symbol

Level 3 Manual charts, all about "DEEPENING INTO SELF LOVE"

                                                        Judgements of Self                                                                                      Intellect, Intelligence & Behaviours
                                                      Letting Go Attachments
                                     Moving Forward on your Path of Growth
                                                        Quantum Clearing
                                                        Rhythms & Cycles
                                                    Soul Level Programming
                                                 Toxins, Poisons & Pesticides
                                              Undoing Religious Programming
                                                          Grounding the Light

                                           Youth Optimisation
                                                        Weight, Food & Hunger

Sessions vary between 1 hour to 2 hours and are payable by the hour. You will lie on a couch, covered with a blanket.

£60 per hour (bearing in mind the session may last 2 hours, £120, I charge according to duration of session).

Please ring me, Sandra, on 020 8579 7230 or
text 077521 68159
email: info@alexandriahealing.co.uk

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