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               Divine Healing Master Key to Ascension

                            Client comments

"Every area has improved! 36 fantastic hours!" Ella

"Once again I found myself in pattern of indecision, low self esteem, and self sabotage. Feeling bewildered but sure this was a pattern I’d seen many times before in my life which manifested in agreeing to do work that I wasn’t sure I wanted to do only leaving without completing which chipped at my self esteem. As I’m about to launch a business this year I felt that this would be the very last time I would be unsure about decisions and self sabotage linked to self worth and fear. After my session with Sandra I felt this energetic pattern was behind me, and felt for the first time that the room in my space had been cleared, I felt lighter positive and 100% sure this part of me had left my life for good. Sandra is an amazing healer and I will recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you Sandra." Nadia

"On Saturday after the session I felt really centered, relaxed and calm, with this calm inner joy beaming through. The session itself was very powerful and I could feel it very strongly. I was sleeping a lot on that day, my body needed to integrate everything. I now feel an ease in my solar plexus area, the feeling of having a black hole there has disappeared. I feel more confident about myself, and it is much easier to shift my thoughts - the stubborn loop of negative thoughts." Alina

"I found the session to be powerful for assisting with recognising and removing blocks and I felt really positive and supported afterwards". AnnaMarie

"I feel very light with lots of energies. I can't believe it. I did my garden today with I was supposed to do 6 months ago. It's a miracle. I felt lots of energies around my head. It was like a sun around my head. I can't explain it better. I'm happier now." Fatima (comments one day after 1 hour session)

"After the session I felt extremely heavy headed and sleepy that I almost struggled to keep my eyes open. However, on my way home I felt alert. Once I reached home, the walk from my car to my front door felt like a new experience for some reason, the footpath looked clearer, wider and cleaner. Then, as I ate my food, the meal tasted so different. Each bite-full was like a new experience in my mouth, as if I had never eaten this type of food before! My 'average' meal tasted outstanding. It was a bizzare yet exhilarating experience. By the evening, although I was tired, my body and mind felt almost weightless and clear." Rejinder

irstly thank you for being you, for learning all you have, and treating people successfully. I was both excited and fearful, apprehensive maybe, on coming for the divine healing master key session. And pleasantly surprised, to find all that came up, did so gently, and was healed quickly and completely. I felt sensations similar to Reiki in my body during the process. And felt taller and lighter immediately afterwards. The main reason for coming, was feeling blocked and not feeling joy - despite being in a very good place in my life. The following morning I took my cuppa to the garden and observed the beautiful space, I felt different, I was grinning, my heart was filled with joy and gratitude for all that I am and all I have created. I meditated for the first time in a long while, and faced a situation ive been avoiding. Also, there is an ex who was stuck in my head, me still wanting, a relationship with, despite knowing we're incompatible - that longing is gone, replaced with peace and a love that wants nothing in return. Thank you Namasté" Zoe

"Thank you ever so much for my healing session yesterday! It was such a pleasant experience. I haven't felt energy work this powerful before. I'm thankful to you to reveal and shift deeply imbedded emotions that are the root cause of my current problems in my life.
After the session as I entered back to reality, I felt all my senses were heightened and my mind was peacefully quiet. I was in a blissful state which I imagine can be similar to the sensation of 'living in the now'.
The healing sensation I experienced during the session continued throughout the rest of the whole day e.g. I was able to give myself the most powerful Reiki in the evening, which was followed by an unusually peaceful, deep sleep at night. I truly have magnificent experiences ever since! Thank you ever so much!" Patricia

"Was a pleasure to have a healing session today. Afterwards, I feel happy and really good. We worked on some issues, such as motivation, being involved and being creative. We also healed some areas in the body that were causing some pain. It was a pleasure to come to the centre and just relax and enjoy the energies! I would recommend the Divine Healing Master Key to people, because of the direct and fast acting approach to healing that the modality and the Command Codes offer. Thanks Sandra, wish you a great day and week ahead!" James

" The session and after effects were extremely powerful on all levels of being. Sandra's ability to tune into the needs of my next stage of spirit development is truly uncanny. In this case deep ancestral healing patterns, collective fears, guilt, pain and family arrogance were all accessed and sent healing to. The final ray 'pearl column' was particularly resonating with my core being and continues to do so. I will endeavor to continue the next two sessions in this amazing system." Malcolm

"My experience was that of feeling empowered, light, clarity a day after the session. The Divine Healing continued to process for quite a few days after the treatment which went quite deep as I experienced some deep internal shifts." Anil

"I had my session with Sandra after a period of prolonged stress. The session itself was not that pleasant for me since all suppressed stuck emotions and pains came to the surface all at the same time. But it was definately really helpful. After it I felt greater clarity and better connection with my inner self. I felt relieved, with detoxified mind and body. I highly recommend the session - under the skillful guidence of Sandra, it is really useful to release all kinds of negativity." Dani

"I had my first session with Divine Healing Master Key session after quite a stressful period where I felt stuck and very frustrated. It helped me identify where I was unconsciously sabotaging myself, why, and how to release it. It also brought insight and healing on other issues. I find that this technique is highly effective and works deeply whilst considering many layers. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to change and take the next step in their evolution."

"I could feel a lot of energy shifts happening in my body. My body was very busy and it was continuously responding throughout the session. Feeling refreshed and together now, before session I was fragmented." W.

"I had the Master Key Session with Sandra last week. We did 15 minutes of Reiki beforehand which definitely got me into a 'trance like' deeply relaxed zone. Similar to when I've had hypnotherapy. I'd recommend this- in order to be relaxed enough to work at an authentic level. It worked. I remember everything, but I know I was connecting with deeper unconscious feelings and ideas that I had formed within myself. So for me it seemed to be all about working through negative thoughts held within my body. We found them and we worked on releasing them. It was wonderful really. I like how Sandra works. I agree with other testimonials that have described her as very thorough. Her matter-of-fact approach to working with the soul is re-assuring to me. I felt a very strong sense of identifying and releasing hidden beliefs during the session. The result being that I feel good. Would I book in again for the same treatment with Sandra? Yes." Monika B.

"I feel a lot better than before, more confident and grateful for everything. Thank you!!!! This technique has helped me to have more confidence in myself, made me see the connection between divinity and my body, in addition to re-affirm that the Universe is always with us. It is highly recommended for those who are interested in continuing with their evolution in my opinion." Erika

"I am doing very good, to be honest I still don't feel a big difference. I believe it is because I haven't had a situation that will test my old fears yet... But the session itself was amazing, we both discovered layers of myself that I had no idea they were there. It is like a journey to my true being. I have a better clarity of my true essence now. Also interesting Sandra, last Monday I couldn't move my back, it wasn't that painful - I just couldn't move! Definitely the healing was very active on that day!" Helena

"I am enormously pleased that I have decided to do Divine Healing Master Key session. I had many problems for past years and I lacked the energy to act. I lost myself somewhere along the way. I wasn’t my real me. This healing has freed me from the old blockages, which I did not even know that existed. This healing has brought my energies and positive spirit back to the surface and I’m my real me again. I would recommend it wholeheartedly." Monika C.

"Before the session I had been feeling a bit unlike myself, not connected and also frustrated. During the session the things that came up resonated with me. After the session I felt better, lighter and happier." Sukhi

"Very interesting session, very relaxing but also very intense. The 2 hours went so quick! I could have probably done 4 hours; some of the things that came up really resonated, some others less but, as Sandra pointed out, they could belong to ancestors or other lives. It's quite interesting for me that when I do some energy work I feel a bit stressed and exhausted after, a bit edgy rather than peaceful and relaxed, but I think this is because things are surfacing and getting cleared. This has lasted a day or so then I had a super long sleep of 10 hours and now I feel really balanced! Thank you." Giuseppina

"I had three Divine Healing Master Key sessions with Sandra in the space of a few days as she recommended that it be done that way, so we could really get to the root of what was holding me back in my life. Through Sandra’s very meticulous method we uncovered the root cause of my many mental, emotional and physical symptoms which were causing me anxiety and fear. At every step of what was being uncovered I was able to fully accept why I had such low levels of self esteem and self worth. It was very uncomfortable to accept these parts of me and Sandra through her sheer determination and dedication was able to get me to a place of complete peace with them. I’m feeling so much more enlightened and have shifted to a much better place at every level. I feel like the more of my authentic self is now coming out. Sandra held me during the entire time in between sessions and processed a lot for me as it was so uncomfortable at the time. Sandra is an outstanding healer at every level and I would highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to move forwards in their lives. Her intuition is immaculate and she really does get you to the root of your discomfort. I am truly grateful to Sandra for everything and I feel very blessed to have her on my life. Lots of love" Harinderjit xx

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