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Czech Republic May 2018

      on holiday with my German healer friend Veronica - we drove around Czech Repuplic quite a lot,
A field of clover blossom field - totally amazing and one of the highlights Flowers I have not seen before
A white peacock, my friend found him, another absolute special moment, they rattle with the wheel like leaves it sounds...amazing!!!  
  Pigs not getting impressed, only food does the trick..
We spent a few days in Karlsbad or Kalovy Vary which was a quiet down, beautiful and lots of things to see....
Out hotel room was with a fabulous view, we could not get over our luck!  
  Walking down into town..and later up again!!
Relaxing town - wonderful!  
Natural springs in here Special glasses to drink from so the teeth don't get affected
  Typical things to buy and bring home - opladen (in all kinds of flavours!!)
We ate perhaps too many of those....  
  Czech traditional cake, was nice
Out of sand, lucky it did not rain...  
Russian Church Our view in the night as we sit on balcony..

OK now, near Praque or Praha is the famous Bonechurch, below you can read up about it.

You will never see this anywhere else in the world!

Was fascinationg and don't worry it was not creepy.

Stacked up bones Closer look at left picture
Jaws bones provide the strings of the candellier Below stacked up bones
Description of the Bone Church near Praha!
Out into nature, lots of walking, that is the Czech way, they have surely enough forest all around!!! They strike me as real outdoor, have a tent in the wilderness kind of people...my Czech friend is totally like this!  
Karlsbad castle - up on the hill  
This is CHEESE, was very very nice!! Salty cheese.  
Dumplings, not sure if it was a desert or main dish, was not really that sweet... Apple strudle off course, very tranditional

Very idylic


Lovely houses with
Praque or Praha, famous bridge entrance walkng over the famous bridge
Unicorn boat, love it!  
View from top Lots of czech food up here
  Celetration of some sort...
Dancing Panda  
2 people dancing (so they say..)