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Sandra Herrmann, owner of the crystal shop, explains:

"I worked with crystals before I knew what they were called. However, I always wished to learn more about them. When I had the opportunity to open up a shop, as well as running the Alexandria Healing Centre, I naturally chose crystals and saw it as an honour to make crystals and information about them available to others."

Crystals can act as extra help on the path to well-being and health. They "antidote" negative states of being and have a transformative effect. Crystals can be a real blessing when you wear them, or put them on your body with the intention to heal a particular issue. You can also place them in your home or workplace to add extra healing powers to an environment. Crystals work best in combination with intent for positive change, and it is more fun as well!

You learn to do things with a purpose to improve your life and participate in your own healing using crystals. This is very empowering.

Please don't forget to give your crystals, that you are particularly using, a rinse, as a thank you for the job they are doing for you. It will restore their freshness and power. They will then be ready again to help you whenever you need them next.

I love crystals, always have done, and use them daily as a support in my life. I hope you will find them beneficial, too.

Love Sandra

George comments:

When I came into your shop my private life - particularly my living accommodation - was in disarray, having let myself go for three years, following the death of a dear lady who was my friend, my inspiration and reason for living for 25 years.

So, when you asked me to take a card (explanation: we have crystals cards "Crystal Ally Cards" that people can pick with a write up in the book that goes with it - a bit like tarot) I expected nothing, and was surprised when the hematite stone write-up forcast some clearly needed "Motivation". This re-kindled energies of enthusiasm and a sense of purpose in me.

Well, I paid £1 for the tiniest hematite stone. I expected nothing.

Imagine my surprise when the following morning I woke up, feeling like an apollo or a saturn booster rocket was under me.

I was filled with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose, re-newed, happy and with an inexplicable zest for life. This led to me getting more work - I am an actor, by the way. My life is a heavenly experience, with surprises and excitement with each step on the way.

(He also told me how much he cleared up his flat as the weeks went on..)

Gemma's comments on the crystal shop, etc.

My Spiritual Journey 2006

My Journey first started with a healing session with Sandra. I contacted the centre to enquire about Reiki as this is something I have always been drawn to. From there I booked myself in for a session. Little did I know that this session would change my life for the better. After my first session the next morning I woke up with a feeling of peace and excitement - something which I had not felt for over 3 yrs. It was such a beautiful feeling. I told everyone who would listen and encouraged them to also book a session with Sandra.
I really felt that a miracle happened in that session - I was reborn. All the baggage which I had carried for so many years was gone! I was free!!

Through the centre my journey has continued and grown . When I walk through the door I feel like I am opening the door to the universe - the centre providing all the tools I need along the way - be they short courses, meditation classes, crystals from the crystal shop, books, a friendly face,
and, not forgetting - wisdom from my inner self.
I have learnt so much this past year about myself, the power of crystals, the universe, etc. It has been a really empowering year.

I have also been attending the weekly meditation classes. From these classes I have also grown. I have learnt many things, for example, how to clear my mind and offer any problems I have to the golden light for healing. It really works!!

I no longer worry myself sick about things - instead I meditate and offer the problems to the Reiki circle for healing. Then I try to work out the lesson which I can take from the situation.

The energy in the room is like nothing else. As soon as you walk in you feel a sense of unconditional love, a feeling of safety and that no one in the room will judge you - as we are all as one. It is truly life changing!!

I could go on and on about my wonderful experiences with the Alexandria Healing Centre. The bottom line is that through the centre I have found my true inner Self and know the truth.

Thank you Sandra and Gayatri. I am truly grateful for support & guidance.


Experiences Gemma had with certain crystals:

I was drawn to a crystal called Amertrine it’s a beautiful stone a rainbow of purples, blues, oranges and yellows.
I feel that I was drawn to this stone as it strengthens your aura, I wore this stone for 2 weeks and by the end of my second week in my meditation class one of the groups members saw peoples auras and mine was gold the highest spiritual colour (I was wearing my stone at the time). This is proof of the power of the crystals.

Chrysoprase Lemon I brought this crystal to help dexto my system. Two hours after wearing the stone, I had an upset stomach & was physical sick all night I was on the loo. I was cold but all sweating almost like the cold turkey effect this went on all night. I called upon Arch angel Raphael to help with the healing process.
The next morning I feel very tried and weak. By the 3rd day my skin was glowing and I felt great!
I now feel that the cleansing took me to the next stage of my spiritual journey as I feel a stronger connection with the Arch Angels & ascended Masters.

Charoite I brought this crystal on the day of a meditation class which I was attending that evening. It was chosen for me from the crystal cards which I shuffled. That evening un known to me the meditation class was about opening our 3rd eye!
And I did just that I had an over whelming feeling that I was ready for this to happen as my forehead was itching with excitement.
That evening I opened my 3rd eye and visited a beautiful place full of love and messages. I learnt that I am an Arch Angel called Gemima and who gives off a beautiful golden swirl of energy.

Golden Topaz – This crystal choose me as the day before I asked Lakshmi & Ganesh to help me with my career and with a few money problems which I’m having. Then this crystal found me, the very same evening when I returned home I had recivied a letter inviting me to take part of a survey & they will pay me £60.00 for my time!!

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