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Crystal Healing - The crystal Bible, Judy Hall
Crystal Prescriptions, Judy Hall
Crystal User's Handbook, Judy Hall and many more

Extracts from the above books:

Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance.

Exactly how they do this is still something of a mystery, despite their having been used for this purpose for thousands of years, but the major explanations centre around three things:

  vibration, colour and mineral constituents.

Some crystals contain minerals that are known for their therapeutic properties. Copper, for instance, reduces swelling and inflammation. Malachite has a high concentration of copper, which aids aching joints and muscles, etc.

Each crystal has its own unique vibration, which can be felt by sensitive people. Most have a small but measurable electrical charge together with an internal lattice-like structure that absorbs and transforms toxic energies.

Virtually all crystals were born deep in the earth, inside the earths' magnetic field, so it's not surprising that they absorbed its magnetic charge and stellar radiation. Each cell within the human body also has an electrical charge and when the charge of a crystal is brought close to a cell, or to the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body, it gently brings the energy of the cell or the biomagnetic sheath back into balance.

A crystal's crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic waveband.

Some crystals may bring about positive improvements in energy, attitudes, emotions and so on.

Crystals interact with the human energy field to heal, calm, stimulate or adjust the energies within it to bring the body back into balance. Crystals also help to balance chakras.

They are beneficial for children, animals, adults and the environment.

Crystals may also work on
attitudes,emotions and the mind - instilling a feeling of well-being, neutralizing negativity, lifting depression and
assisting coordination - both mental and physical.

Crystals and Cleansing - very important!

As crystals are powerful beings in their own right, they need to be approached and treated with respect. If you do this, they will be only too pleased to cooperate with you and their helping powers will be
greatly enhanced.

Many people like to have a "crystal day" when they cleanse their crystals: Hold your crystals under a running tap or smudge them. Then meditate with them to attune more strongly to their energy. Doing this regularly, enables them to communicate with you and to reveal how they can be used to enhance your life and well-being.

To re-energize them, they enjoy being placed in the sun.
White and pale-coloured crystals respond well to the moon.

Among the most important functions of crystals is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. Since they are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy, they can become saturated and unable to do their work. Therefore, taking time to cleanse them is extremely important. Although a few crystals are self-cleansing, most require regular cleansing.

It is sensible to purity stones each time you use them yourself!

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