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Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ is a totally unique therapy in the way that it is performed.

The treatment method was channelled in a series of dreams to Lesley Carol, principal of the Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki & Sound Healing, Dorset in 2007. 

It has been fully tried and tested with very positive and profound results. Every individual will respond differently but the most immediate and obvious effect for many is on the physical level as the treatment is applied to the face, helping to:

      - reduce bags, sagging tendencies, drooping eyelids 
      - eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles

       - improve metabolism, skin quality and facial colour
       - tighten pores and brighten eyes
       - tone facial muscles to lift and hold

As tension is released from the face and the whole body is stimulated through the meridian energy system via the facial acupressure points, a deep relaxation bringing about the body, mind and spirit's healing is induced.
Feedback received from case studies:

"I have enjoyed the treatments more and more as the sessions went on managing to relax into the metallic sound and vibrations. I found the sessions increasingly blissful.Considering this has been quite a stressful time with not enough sleep and long days, my skin is looking much much better than it usually does. I LOVE the feeling of the hot crystals on my skin."  Giovanna

"I found my sessions very nurturing. I went quite deep. I remembered my dreams which is not normally the case, some were a little strange but not too disturbing. I feel I am still processing the work. I feel perhaps a bit calmer generally. It is really such a lovely experience to have the Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation sessions. We do need this loving care of the practitioner and the crystals and the sound. I was in complete receiving mode with the feeling of being somehow treated in the temple with unusual music which I quite enjoyed. It was magical. Many thanks." Sandra

"Right from the first session I felt very relaxed with clearer mind and vision. As treatments continued I felt they were rebalancing my body energy, deepening my sleep and it was very significant the way they were clearing my body and mind. I also felt improvement in my body's weak points. It seems something was showing also in my face by the comments I received from my colleagues." Angela

"Thank you very much for including me in your study. I am totally convinced that they have helped me in my “process” which I hope to be able to explain one day when I have assimilated it myself and can then help those who need it. There is no doubt my facial appearance has significantly improved. I will pass on your number to those who comment on it." Aina 

Further information can be found on the Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki and Sound Healing website: http://www.atlantiscrystalhealing.com

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