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Book resource (see above):
Breathing your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind, and Spirit by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., and Yogi Bhajan,Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-0-7679-0493-3



    A powerful, enjoyable way to
    vitalize your life!

   Join me for a breathwalk, build a
   walking community.

  Keep your vitality high, your mind
  clear and your mood uplifted!

  I have used walking with breathing
  for years to regain my strength,
  finding my way back to balance.
  My friend in Germany told me
  about a lady in Germany who offers
  Breathwalk and how good she felt
  afterwards attending the   Breathwalk. She loved it.

  Being a teacher of kundalini yoga
  and meditation, I knew immediately
  that this was for me, especially
  because it has some kundalini yoga
  origin (briefly touched on in my
  K.Y. training) and it is done   in nature!

  Developed by Dr Gurucharan
  Khalsa and taught around the
  globe, it is a perfect blend of the
  joy of walking, the power of
  meditation and the love of


What is Breathwalk?

Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with the art of directed, meditative attention.

Breathwalk increases our positive moods and our access to our innate powers of self-care.

Conscious breathing is a powerful technique to personal growth and transformation.

Breathwalk is the place where these elements of conscious breathing, walking and meditation come together.

People who Breathwalk describe the change in their mind as going from fog to a clear sky. Others say it is like going from black and white to colour or from a flat two-dimensional image to a full three-dimensional one.

When you breathe vitality into your body, mind and spirit with a Breathwalk, it opens your senses and frees your feelings. You can feel the larger whole that you are part of as well as your individual part. You can leave behind your old stuck states and get in touch with your invincible spirit and vitality. It is also important to give time to the soul in this way.

The Breathwalk programes are designed so you can slip them into a busy life no matter how packed your schedule may be. When you begin Breathwalk, you immediately earn a bonus, a time bonus. You gain back the time you invest. This is as important to many people as all the other benefits. They feel time is the greatest block to acting on what they already know will give them vitality and happiness. Breathwalk is a practice that gives you an edge over time! When you take the time to Breathwalk, you get the time back plus interest through the rest of the day. You can actually use Breathwalk as a time creator.

The four main benefits of breathwalk are:
- increased energy levels

- mood control
- refined mental quality,and
- feelings of connectedness

5 Steps of Breathwalk:
- Awaken
- Align
- Vitalize
- Balance
- Connect

The Breathwalk presented by Yogi Bhajan and Gurucharan Khalsa has five steps. The first two, awaken and align, call attention to your body and to your walking form. The third step has intervals of rhythmical walking with breath control and a mental focus.

In step four, balance, your mind often becomes very still and can open you to new emotional choices. If you choose to do the fifth step, the Innerwalk, you can direct your mind, remember your capabilities for wellness and minimize any perceived inner conflicts.

Using the Breath to Heal

How we breathe both reflects the state of the nervous system and influences the state of the nervous system. You can learn to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, and digestion by consciously changing the rhythm and depth of breathing.

We must learn how to regulate our body and mind system to handle our new information environments. Fortunately our nervous and glandular system, though ancient, are also the most complex, adaptive and subtle creations that we have found in the universe. If we know how to tap their potentials, we can thrive in this age and the future.

Now we live in a time that requires much more emotional fluidity. We get stuck more often if we don't do something to consciously change.

We have found thast specific Breathwalk patterns can actually shift the mood state in specific ways: from anxious to calm: from depressed to hopeful: and from worried to confident.

Please contact

Sandra Ditta Herrmann/Harjas Kaur on
020 8579 7230 or

to enquire about upcoming walk and to be put on the mailing list.
Venue: Parks around Ealing

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