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Please text me on 077521 68159 to arrange your breathwalk. Perhaps you want to bring a friend along..

I will drive us to a nearby park or green space (there are so many nature options less than 15 min around Ealing that I have tried out and that work well, pretty and quiet places to enjoy the breathwalk in!)

Alexandria Healing Centre
39 Alexandria Road
London W13 ONR

Please allow around 2 1/2 hours so we won't have to rush to get to nature and come back. This will be your treat in nature to yourself! Also, you will be emailed the breathwalk we did so you can repeat it on your own for self-healing, changing your lifestyle, heal while you walk.

The actual breathwalk with all stages is 1 - 1.15 h depending on the walk.

Cost per breathwalk is £20.

There are 16 breathwalk altogether and we can do a different one each time.

Please contact
Sandra Ditta Herrmann/Harjas Kaur on
020 8579 7230 or text 077521 68159

to enquire about upcoming walk and to be put on the mailing list.
Venue: Parks around Ealing

Mainpage | Breathwalk Programs
| Dates and Cost