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Client comments:

"I have felt a pain in my shoulder since August and the pain clearly increased lately and bothered me. During the reading yesterday I felt tingling in the shoulder, after the reading it felt much lighter as if a burden had been removed and today I feel much freer, on fast track healing path...Well done!"

"Thank you very much for the magnificient healing session you have given me two weeks ago.

You put me at ease from the onset; thanks to your kindness and wittiness, and I really liked sharing a few laughts with you before the session. Once the session had started, your professionalism, dedication and integrity shone through; enabling me to trust you 100 per cent.
I was very impressed by your ability to see into every aspect of my being, explaining to me many issues I am dealing with, and also confirming facts of my life that I had not shared with anyone before, without me even prompting you to do so.
I felt very strongly that you are in touch with many wonderous beings from different realms who helped you heal me in many effective ways.

You brought a lot of healing light into my chakras and my body and gave me excellent practical advice as to how I can continue to heal, elevate myself and ascend into a more whole me. I am greateful for that.
Two weeks on, I still see and feel your healing light within me. It makes me hapy to know that you share your many strong gifts and healing abilities with the world.
Thank you for recording the session and emailing me the recording the same day. My very best"

Home | Client comments