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Classes at the Alexandria Healing Centre:


Okido Yoga is a holistic, dynamic and meditative form of yoga  developed by the Japanese master Masahiro Oki. His teachings bring together his deep understanding of  the human body and mind through his wide study and experience of both western and eastern religious, philosophical and medical traditions.

The physical aspect of the yoga practice is designed to benefit people within the context of modern daily life. As well as modified versions of classical asanas it includes corrective exercises to address physical distortions, and strengthening exercises to encourage a strong 'hara' (centre of gravity) which all work to deepen our connection with our whole being, our Life Force.

Class content will vary from week to week but will typically begin with a warm-up and lead-up to asana practice emphasising the importance of co-ordinating awareness, movement and breath at all times. Partner and group exercises may be included. Classes always end with a relaxation.

Junko Maria Furugori is offering weekly Wednesday evening classes. Beginners are welcome.

Time:    9 am - 10:15 am

Prices:   £42 for 6 classes or £7.50 drop-in
              (call to check availability)

Places are limited so advance booking is recommended.

Contact Junko Maria Furugori by e-mail:
mobile: 07958 319100

Cheque payable to J M Furugori, address: 30 Jefferson Close, W13 9XJ, London

About Junko

I encountered Okido Yoga 12 years ago, at a time when my health was suffering. I benefitted so much from attending classes and retreats regularly and integrating the teachings into my daily life that I felt inspired to study it at greater depth so I could share it with others. I completed my 4-year teacher's training at the end of last year.

My aim as a teacher is the same as my aim as a complementary health therapist: to support people in feeling their best, at one with themselves and flowing with Life. Through attending my classes, I would like people to connect with their inner peace and joy, their Life Force, and gain the many physical and mental health benefits that come with this unification.

If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga, please click a separate link here:
Kundalini Yoga

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