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Dubai March 2017


Land of arab horses and dates


Crazy Jeep Drive into desert!!


Dancer dirwish
Famous hotel Burj al Arab, in order to see the inside you have to book lunch or dinner which I did...  
650 meter tower - Burj Kalifa, was on top and in night I saw the water fountains performance from top! Was great! top of Burj Kalifa
Main Shopping Centre - Dubai Mall  
Aquarium to see from outside in shopping centre, sometimes you see actual divers in there (people who paid money to be divers off course..)
In this shopping window were alive fish!! Amazing!!!  

Atlantis hotel, there is one ride in which you go through a big black tube on a rubber ring and then you end up in this rube and around you are all the sharks, etc. was pretty cool..

Some of the other rise were making me panik quite honest, but this one was gentle.

Flower garden